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Thanksgiving conjures up images of plump brown turkey and dressing, a thanksgiving feast surrounded by family some who have traveled from hither and yon to be in attendance of this anual family ritual. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the colonial period,  at this time marked by the beginning of  Slave trafficking and trade,  widely practiced by 3 groups at least,the newly arrived Europeans, Indigenous peoples, and a group I describe as Black, Non-Blacks, Afro, Asiatic, Semites, aka the Moors,aka Hougonots which included Muslims, Jews and Christians recently expelled from Spain in 1492 at the kick-off of the Spanish Inquisition.

In the case of all 3 goups they were looking for wealth opportunities at the expense of the people they inslaved. Stay Free, Be Safe.

We're all here in the Cities, Small

Towns, Desert, Wetlands, and Woodlands 

with our 

Culture and Language,

all making unique, important,


to the story of America

idesignworx is a member of the Singing Trees Wellness family of brands. Our mission is to support ongoing efforts to improve Health Literacy, support Black and Indigenous culture and values when providing outreach, services that advocate, educate, and engage working families and other groups at risk for Health Disparity. Our work is based on a foundation of Nursing and Public Health Practice. We invite visitors to explore Health and Wellness topics that are often not marketed to working families in communities of color. Join us as we explore the connection between Art, Interior Design, Culture and Wellness and the benefits of Contemplative Practice...

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for Black, Indigenous Women, Girls, and Working Famlies.


                      -Jocelyne Mayfield


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