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The Center for Contemplative Mind  

in Society, Contemplative Practice

cultivates a critical first-person focus, that is practical, radical, and transformative, developing capacities for deep concentration and quieting the mind amid the actions and distractions of daily life. To learn more about meditation, mindfulness, and other forms of contemplative practice, click on the Tree above.


Contemplative Care

A Nures Journey

In over 30 years of practice in 4 states, I have worked alongside many nurses. Some became colleagues, others, sisters, and brothers in the struggle. Today advanced practice nurses are paid well individually.  Nursing as a profession has yet to escape the shadow and big brother image of medicine.

On July 13, 2020, Black Lives Matter celebrated its 7 year anniversary.

Meet The Teachers

download (10).jpeg

Ruth King

download (8).jpeg

Kamilah Majied

download (9).jpeg

Spring Washam

The women pictured above are leaders in the Contemplative Health movement. Each from different backgrounds and origin stories. What they share in common is, at a certain point there lives took a turn that brought them to the path of Contemplative Practice.

To learn more about their work click on the pictures and the link will bring you to their individual pages.

Contemplative care offers an additional resource to complement your traditional faith and wisdom practice.

Keeping the Window Open to Compassionate Self Care Now More Important than Ever

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