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Behold, This is no figment of the white imagination, nor subject to the white gaze.

Yasuke overcame even the ignorance of   the Japanese

Tuareg Art & Culture


 An exploration of how others deal with people groups different from their own. I discovered this fascinating book titled

Tuareg Jewelry and learned jewelry can be more than ornamental.

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The red figure at the center symbolizes the Free Man. A  repeated motif  throughout Berber-Tuareg  Art and Culture

These exquisite works of Berber-Tuareg artistry, in traditional silver and other materials, were miss labeled by early Europeans as The Southern Cross. It is in fact a compass. What would be of more intrinsic value to a nomadic, desert-dwelling culture? A common practice, attributing European origins to anything of beauty or value found among Aboriginal people. In the daily life of the Berber-Tuareg, theses artifacts serve a variety of cultural functions, from identifying tribal affiliation, a bridal gift from a man to his betrothed, a protective talisman during the rite of passage given by a father to a son. Note the open design, with symmetrical repeating motifs of the FREEMAN, as seen on the flag. A symbolic representation of the human form that pays homage to the multiple gene pools that stream together to create these fascinating, ancient people. 

To learn more about the amazing art and culture of the Berber-Tuareg click the Taureg Jewelry book title above 

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