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 Racism, when seen through a Public Health lense is an untreated chronic illness that now threatens the life of a nation. Long shunned from public discourse, the very mention of the word triggers hysteria on both sides of the racial divide. In the end, the patient is left undiagnosed.  Traditionally framed as a social justice issue and it is. Racism is now framed in terms of Health Equity.


Camara Phyllis Jones MD, MPH, Ph.D., past president of the American Association of Public Health defines racism this way. A system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on the social interpretation of how one looks...

Dr. Jones further states, using race as a metric, 

to unfairly disadvantage some individuals and communities and unfairly advantage others is a waste of human resources. Ultimately racism hurts the health of our nation by barring some people from attaining their highest level of health.













The Covid-19 health crisis has shown a harsh spotlight on Health Disparity among the most vulnerable Black, Brown, Indigenous communities.  As a nurse, I see racism through a Public Health lense. As a woman of African and American Indigenous descent, I see racism through the lens of Social  Justice. Having these two perspectives is helpful when attempting to clarify complex issues around racism that may often be dismissed as Playing  Identify Politics. Whether discussing stopping the spread of Covid-19 or mitigating the impact of Racism, we are essentially talking about the same thing, alleviating pain and suffering.

A Way Forward

Rock Balancing

In her new book Racism: Science & Tools for the Public Health Professional, Chandra L Ford, et al. (2019) lays out a framework for change. Ford is an Associate Professor, of the Department of Community Health Science at the Fielding School of Public Health UCLA. This important Text is a rigorous and timely assessment of the current state of racism in the US. A work that builds on decades of Public Health advocacy in the area of Race and Health Inequity. An evidence base for the indictment of Racism as a clear and present Public Health threat to segments of  Black, Latin X, LGBTQ, and other vulnerable communities. A  must-read for health professionals, students, community members, and all interested in protecting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable members of society.



















A movement is gaining momentum in Communities of Color, as we search for relief from anxiety in this new Covid-19 reality. Nurses, Physicians, Social Scientists, Academics from every field, are coming together under the banner of Contemplative Practice. One group is carving out a welcoming, inclusive,

safe space for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and LGBTQ people to experience the of benefits  Mindfulness Meditation.








Liberate Meditation is an online wellness destination connected by an App. One-click brings you into a global community of teachers and healers many with Ph.D., MD backgrounds who all share one thing in common, a commitment to the healing practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

A Contemplative Practice that focuses on awareness of the breath, being in the present moment, and interconnectedness to our shared human condition. Drawn heavily from Tibetan Buddhist, and other wisdom traditions. The practice offers opportunities to view the mind from a non-judgemental perspective, known in the practice as Clear Seeing of thoughts without becoming attached to the storylines we have been taught to follow.

What makes this APP special, is the guided support that addresses the specific harm caused by exposure to racism and other forms of bias experienced by Black Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ, people of color of the global diaspora.


Julio Rivera founder and CEO of Liberate Meditation wanted a safe inclusive space to practice mindfulness. Instead, he found bias and racism within traditional meditation spaces.  His background as a software engineer led him to create a mindfulness app and the Liberate Meditation movement was born.

You can find it at the Appstore for iPhone and the Play Store for Android devices

idesignworx is a member of the Singing Trees Wellness family of brands. A Health Literacy and Wellness Consultancy that draws heavily from the disciplines and practice of Nursing and Public Health and is solely responsible for its content.

Dedicated to supporting the lives of working families

Founder Jocelyne Mayfield

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Liberate  Meditation  APP

Finding New Sources for Support on an Ancient Path

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