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CLUTTER: The lack of order, organization and continuity in a living space ultimately leading to a breakdown in space management, resulting in chaos

HOARDING: Compulsive collecting of randome or specific items, where no particular organizational approach or design framwork is employed. It can be as simple as a basic lack of knowledege around house hold order and organization. In other cases it may be the result of severe mental health stressors like  isolation after the death of a spouse, anxiety or other chronic mental health issue that may be manifesting a Clutter/hoarding behavior.


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De-cluttering is the easy part. What happens next is the challenge. Using designe to rebuild a Sustainable Healthy living space.

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The Challange


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Chapter I


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Contemplating at Work

Signs Your in a Toxic Work Environment

Even if you work from Home

Entitled Tyrannical Bosses

Intrusive Email...

No opportunities for growth

Company values and  practice don't align

Colleagues Unprofessional

Conditions not improving

Working from home does not confer immunity from workplace stress. It can come as a surprise. Many of us are used to the physical boundary separating home from work-life. Part of the new COVID reality is carving out new space that allows us to adapt and move forward. Kristin Fuller, M,D.

from Psychology, Today offers guidance on how to survive and thrive  in the new now

How we do life has permanantly shifted in the wake of the Covid-19 Health Crisis. Home and work life are being redefined by external  forces beyond our control. (understatment of the millineum)

Older front line health care workers and others compelled into early retirement or face the risk of confronting a deadly infectious disease  without adequate protective equipment. Like many of my nursing colleagues I have seen and worked through my fair share of epidemics, I am electing to sit this one out.  Are you a front line worker in health care or other service industry? Share your pictures at


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